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LOGLINE: “Money is power. But ideals are more powerful still.”

“LIBERTY” was born out of my deeply felt concern for the state of the world today. I have felt for some time now that the world is simply spinning its wheels. Very little REAL evolution, in terms of mental, spiritual and ethical progress, has taken place since the “dawn of civilization”. One only needs to read Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” to realize just how little; and just how similar a situation we are still in today.

As a united States citizen, a Washingtonian to be exact, I feel an extremely strong duty to do my part to truly begin to help to heal the world. And since the government of my country (not MY government) has done so very much, over the course of the last century  - or more  - to degrade the integrity and honor that we, the united States of America, were founded upon, I believe I must act. “LIBERTY” is my contribution to the effort of restoring the principles of LIBERTY to the united States. A restoration that would directly and positively affect the rest of the world, as well.

My journey started in earnest when I moved to Brazil in 2011 and brought with me the most important book I had read to date  – Dave Champion’s “INCOME TAX – SHATTERING THE MYTHS”. Although Mr. Champion’s book is vastly more extensive and complete in its description of, its command and comprehension of the scope of, as well as its clarification and presentation of the evidence of “the largest financial crime in the history of the world”, the poem I have composed below sums up the basic issue that undergirds everything he talks about and which “LIBERTY” the series intends to address – albeit in a very engaging way, of course!!:

What is "property" to you and to me?
What's yours is yours as you can see.
So what's mine is mine, don't you agree?
Then why all the fighting, why all the fuss?
Why all the restrictions and government muss?
What's yours is yours, wouldn't you agree?
What's mine is mine, can't you see?
What is yours can't be mine without your "say so"!
What is mine can't be yours then, don't you know?
Yours can't be mine because you're not a slave!
So mine can't be yours, either then, can it, knave?!
So if your body is yours and mine is mine,
Then neither can belong to another you see,
Neither to the State nor to any third party since we are all free!
If property is defined as such to me and to you,
Then the same goes for each one of us around the world, too!
So as my body belongs to me and yours to you,
It follows that the same be true of ANY other “property”, too!!
Does my labor, as well, not fall under this description?
Then how can it be classified as "other" without unlawful conscription?
As the Supreme Court has consistently ruled time and again,
Expending my labor is a RIGHT...certainly not a sin.
As a right CANNOT be a privilege NOR can the opposite be true,
It follows that my labor belongs to me, just as yours does to you.
So if your labor is yours and mine is mine, too,
Then neither can belong to another you see,
Neither to the State nor to any third party since we are all free!

“LIBERTY”, in its current form, was inspired by my 2017 discovery of the most ambitious  LIBERTY-oriented effort I have seen thus far. That discovery coalesced with my already established education and knowledge concerning the TRUE constitutionally limited scope and application of the income tax, which happened over my first three or four years here in Brazil.

The theme, the subject matter as well as the scope and detail of the series are very RELEVANT and NOW!! The series is intended to be a docu-reality show that highlights and features the theorization of the what and the how of the effort to establish a new nation. I fully intend the series to be international in scope and to be filmed primarily in Brazil - simply because of the cost-effective exchange rate – though, of course, if filming in the u.S. as well helps strengthen the final product, great!!

I am confident that since the principles the series espouses and explores are universal, the international aspect of the series is truly compelling. In fact, my larger vision is to use this series as a bridge between Brazilian and united States filmmakers, screenwriters, crews etc. in terms of the possibility of filming in both countries and exchanging  film crews, teaming up screenwriters from both countries…and maybe others in the future! 

Now is the perfect time for this series!

Sincerely and respectfully,
J.G. Franklin
WhatsApp: 55-31-99121-7068

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